Cleanse your hair without water

naturia dry shampooAt la Chaise Rouge salon we have the opportunity to try a variety of hair and skin care products. Bumble Bumble Hair Powders have particularly caught our attention.

Applied to your hair, the sprays will dry cleanse your hair! So far, it's been a big hit among both our stylists and clients.

In essence, Hair Powder contains highly absorbent ingredients that will remove excess oils on dirty or oily hair and restore volume and lightness to hair, making styling easy again.

Unlike many other product attempting similar results, Bumble Bumble's Hair Powders are surprisingly effective with a refreshing scent.

If you have a busy lifetstyle, work out or run around a lot but don't want to wash your hair every day, yet want to keep it clean and looking fresh, this product is for you!

Come in and ask us about Hair Powder in the salon, downtown Santa Rosa. Try it, you'll love it!

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Hair Tip

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