Curls and Curly Hair Specialists

Kristy at La Chaise Rouge has been specifically Deva Curl trained to cut, highlight, color and care for curly hair. In fact, La Chaise Rouge was the first Deva listed salon in the Santa Rosa Sonoma county area.

Don't hide your curls anymore

So, if you have curly hair, and you have spent years looking for someone who truly understands curly hair: we look forward to meeting you! If you've been fighting frizz or not been knowing what to do with your hair and end up hiding your curls, come try us. You'll be able to let your beautiful natural curl come out and spend less time styling your hair each day.

How we can help you

A professionally trained stylist, Kristy and her team will encourage and support clients with curly hair to embrace and enjoy the authentic and unique quality of their beautiful hair. In addition to cutting and coloring curly hair, Kristy will show you how to cleanse, care for and style your curly hair. Please note that the right product is as important as the cut for curly hair. Kristy will also familiarize each client with paraben free Deva products and help them choose the best treatment for their hair.

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Hair Tip

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