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At La Chaise Rouge Salon, we use fine products and you can do the same! Choosing the right shampoo, conditioner, or styling product can be challenging and overwhelming, but the right ones can help you make the best of your hair and/or hair color. To help out, we have carefully selected fine products which we use in the salon during your visit. We also sell the same products to help you maintain the look and feel you experience after your service. Don't forget to ask your stylist for advice next time you're in the salon. La Chaise Rouge offers an extensive selection of Artego, Innersense, and Deva Curl products.


La Chaise Rouge recommends and uses Artego styling and finishing product line. Known as one of the most influential Italian hair companies in the industry, Artego is extremely popular in Europe and the UK from salons to celebs. Amongst other, Artego hair product delivers healthy shiny hair, a deep rich color, beautiful fragrance, and great styling effects. Ask us about the products that are available at La Chaise Rouge. Artego quality luxury products focus on revitalizing both the scalp and the hair, and everyone's talking about Artego in Europe.


La Chaise Rouge also uses and recommends Innersense organics hair products because Innersense is a unique and fine line of organic hair products that was developed for your simple everyday needs. Innersense uses fine wild-harvested, biodynamic, and certified organic ingredients to give your hair maximum health. Furthermore, Innersense shampoos contain no sulfate or parabens, and the hair care products will give your hair strength without harming or stripping the color in your hair. All in all, Innersense hair care products will leave your hair healthy and looking brilliant.

Deva Curl

For our clients with curly, wavy and chemically treated hair, La Chaise Rouge has selected the Deva product lines. Deva tackles hair with clean formulas free from harsh detergents. Aimed at reviving and enhancing curls, Deva hair care uses sulfate free formulas with botanical ingredients to rejuvenate your hair. We offer both the DevaCare and DevaCurl lines. Ask your stylist which is best for you on your visit at the salon.

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Hair Tip

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